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Relationships are FIT’s backbone. Leaders from diverse backgrounds come together as part of FIT to create a response that works between traditionally silo’d areas. FIT creates innovative solutions when it activates for disaster response and when it works on disaster risk reduction and resilience projects. The FIT core team selects volunteers for projects based on the needs of the communities being served.


Our volunteer roster includes:

Technologists who use computer software and hardware to configure systems, trouble-shoot issues, and install and support new tech-based solutions.

Designers use rapid prototyping to create empathy-focused solutions for all manner of disaster problems, from material, to social, to infrastructure.

Artists who co-create community art installations, run workshops, and use visualization to communicate to diverse audiences.

Communications Infrastructure Experts who understand the technological and social components of building, sharing, and operating communications infrastructure in adverse conditions.

Social Justice Advocates who focus the team on meeting the needs of the vulnerable, such as low income, female, child, elderly, and disabled populations.

Roboticists who design and maintain robots, create new robotics applications, and continue to expand the potential uses for robots in crisis response and recovery.

Pilots who work to obtain critical data accessible only from above.

Community Organizers who understand the composition of the target populations and help to plug FIT in on the ground.

Environmentalists who understand that environmental stewardship is necessary for sustainable solutions and that climate change considerations must be incorporated into resilient response and rebuilding efforts.

Food Systems Experts who advocate for holistic and sustainable food system practices and policy changes that address hunger, access, and local and regional agriculture support.


FIT Deployment: How we FIT you

Become a Field innovator:
Each crisis is different and requires unique talents. Become a Field Innovator by completing FIT Bootcamp training or joining us for crisis activations. Field Innovators are trained in applying the FIT crisis solution process, which uses Design-Thinking and our Innovative Solution Model to achieve custom solutions designed to meet the needs of stakeholders in each crisis.

Become a Field Contributor:
By becoming a Field Contributor, you become our eyes and ears. We need community leaders to help facilitate our disaster preparedness “Do Tanks;” Keep up on the latest innovations through social media; Serve as innovation ambassadors throughout your community; and Reach to FIT Staff and our Field Innovators when crises occur.