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FIT deploys to Nepal

April 1, 2015 - Blog -

FIT Deploys to Nepal

The Field Innovation Team is partnering with Women LEAD Nepal, “the first and only leadership development organization for young women in Nepal.” Women LEAD or WLEAD is a NGO in Nepal. Located in Kathmandu, these women experienced the earthquake first-hand. The resilient women of this organization are in it for the long haul – helping with response and recovery, while having to deal with their own tragedies. We are supporting the amazing women in several ways – Skype training on safety and emergency management basics; situational awareness reports; and the Youth Empowerment program, an approach for community building and education for displaced and refugee populations pioneered by FIT in San Antonio, TX (see following article) with displaced youth from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

We have been working with the staff, alumni, and current students from the Women LEAD Leadership Institute for the past week. FIT has been conducting 3 trainings per week, with 5 women per session, and will continue to run trainings for several weeks.

FIT also plans to help these young women get hands-on in the rebuilding of a Sherpa community in the Khumbu Region of the Nepal, where more than 200 homes are decimated. We are seeking to bring in a simple, low-cost, and low-environmental impact shelter system and will work side-by-side with WLEAD to set up shelters for families. Our goal is to keep families on their land, with a practical and re-usable shelter that can be adapted to meet their changing needs.

FIT intends to deploy up to 6 volunteers for 11 days in early June. Please visit Firelilyfund.comto read the whole story and share this information with others. Thank you!

Interested in volunteering? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • SHARE our story on social media to raise funds for travel and resources.
  • DEPLOY virtually and assist us in conducting training sessions with these young women.
  • CONTACT US if you are interested in deploying virtually or physically to Nepal – please title your message, “Nepal Deployment.”
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